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Beauty pageants are aimed to showcase the beauty of those in one’s country, apart from this the sense of travel of the individuals in the country as well as outside it are encouraged to endorse the country. These miss beauty pageants are aimed to charm tourists and to showcase the warmth of the individual as well as the collective culture.

Japan hosts several local miss beauty pageants. These beauty pageants are all aimed to send and host beauties to travel to other countries and represent Japan in these contests. Miss Universe pageants, Miss World pageants and Miss Asia Pacific International pageants are well examples of these Miss beauty pageants which Japan joins and supports. Apart from the country’s representation in these miss beauty pageants, they bridge friendships as well as warm, cordial relationships between the Miss beauty pageant contestants and their country.

Most popular miss beauty pageants are Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Asia Pacific and Miss International. Japan aims to support the beauty pageant culture in order to support the beauty of their warm culture as well as their tourism industry. They participate and are very fervent and dedicated to the betterment of those in their miss beauty pageants.

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