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The Miss Universe pageant is one which is prestigious, recognized and respected in the world. It is perhaps the most popular beauty pageant competition in the planet. The competition is friendly, however fierce and strict rules apply. More than just aiming to promote the beautiful women in the country they are representing, the women in the miss universe competition are also aiming to promote the tourism of the countries they are representing. Grace, poise and intelligence are tested in the Miss Universe competition. The competition aims to test the smarts and grace of those who are competing in the said competition.

Considering the competitive nature of the Japanese it is no wonder they aim to have a lot of Miss Universe winners. Prior to 1998, there was only one Japanese winner of the Miss Universe competition, Akiko Kojima who won in 1959, there were three other top 5 finalists before that as well. However, due to the management of Ines Lingron, an acclaimed French director, Japan has managed to do a whole lot better in the Miss Universe pageant. After 1998, two runner ups and one winner had been produced under the supervision of Ines Ligron. Riyo Mori is the only other Miss Universe winner from Japan, apart from Miss Akiko Kojima, winning during the years 2007 and 1959 respectively.

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