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Apart from the physical beauty, personality is important in beauty pageants, as it is undeniable that everyone else in the beauty pageant are beautiful individuals representing their individual countries. The first qualification is, of course, beauty and a pleasing personality comes a close second. While these two may need to be qualified because of its relative measure, age and civil status are something which contestants for these pageants should possess.

Beauty is something which runs to under the skin, as they say, it might perhaps be true because contestants for miss beauty pageants are very personable and all of them have very pleasing personalities. A pleasing personality and cordial warmth are important for these ladies to possess as they are not only representing themselves in these competitions, but as well as the countries they are from.

Japan is known to have very hospitable people, hospitable and warm at that. They are perfectionists who struggle to give only what they think is 100%. They are willing to impart their culture through the world by means of showing how intelligent, warm and personable they are. Miss beauty pageant contestants are also subjected to a very rigid test of character and a holistic formation of their personality.

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